Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's your obligation to take care of your health.

Tu dia, panjangnya tajuk. Well, there's reason why the tajuk is like that. Last Thursday, after few episodes of throbbing headache I've decided to go to clinic (I'm very the liat one to go to clinic ya know), and to my surprise my bp that day is 150/110, OMG...that's quite high. The last time I got this reading is when I was pregnant with Syahmi but then, after few session of drinking lemon the headache went away. But this time, after all the things I've consumed the headache keeps coming back...Sakit apa xtau...Tapi memang batuk dan demam sikit.

So, when the doctor said she wanted to start me with hypertension medications, I REFUSED. I would rather take care of my lifestyle and change my eating habit. Sebenornye agak x puas hati la dengan doktor dengan single reading je diagnose i HPT k...pastu suruh i terima hakikat, what the fish!

Starting that day onwards, I gave up on nescafe tin which I think the culprit for my headache, I gave up on nasi lemak and I even bought a bicycle kunun-kunun nak cycle petang2 for 30 minutes, tapi....keadaan cuaca sekarang tidaklah mengizinkan. And I also take things easily (doesn't mean I don't bother or care) but I'm not easily get mad or stress about it. Nak marah students pon dah slow down dah sikit sekarang.

Why I'm doing all this? It's because I love my children and I want to take care of my health so that I can beribadat, sempat bertaubat dan jaga kesihatan tu kewajipan kita. Kalau badan kita rosak or kita sakit, kerja kita x akan jaga kita masa kita sakit so buat apa la nk stress2 sgt kan...keep calm je...tang students tu I assist la and tolong and ajar mana2 patut and the rest is up to them sebab dorg yg blaja so watpe I nak stress2 sbb dorang.

Okaylah, agak panjang coretan hari ini. And I've started with overnight oats breakfast! Suka! sebab sedap dan mengenyangkan :)